How to upload builds(artifacts) to Epic Games Store

In dashboard on EGS go to:
1. Epic games store, Artifacts and Binaries
2. Download Build patch tool(blue button on the rigth top). You allready have it probably, but we still need to configute starter .bat file for it.
3. To do that go there to your artifact(manage or just click — no difference)
4. At the rigth table find and click «instructions»
5. There you need to click «Command line template for this artifact«, it stores needed string in memory, so we need to Create .bat file and save it there.
6. Create .bat file somewhere near /Binaries/Win64/BuildPatchTool.exe in unzipped Build patch tool folder and save it there.
7. Now we almost there, just need to modfy some parameters in this string.
8. We need to replace «YourClientId» and «YourSecret» — this was most complicated for me to find 🙂 It can be find at dashboard -> Product Settings in «BPT credentials» tab -> under «Build Patch Tool Credentials» line. Of course noone must knew it except you!
9. Replace «LocationOfLocalBuild» with full path to your builded game, to the folder where .exe of your game locates.
10. Create and copy path to folder where patch files will be stored, replace «YourCloudDir» with it path.
11. Replace «YourBuildVersion» witch that name of version what you need to be listed in the dashboard.
12. Replace «AppToRun» with full name of yours game starter .exe file, of course with «.exe» extension at the end.
13. Mostly cases dont need arguments to run, so just make empty «LaunchArguments»
14. Rest or commans string can be just deleted, mostly don’t need also — "-FileAttributeList="" -FileIgnoreList="""
Now you ready to go ahead and upload yours first build! Good luck!

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